Überlegene Technologie und einfache Verwaltung stellen Endbenutzern hochwertige Services bereit

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A few years ago, Wi-Fi was a nice-to-have amenity. Today, it’s seen as a must have just like having the basic needs of everyday life such as electricity, shelter and food. Whether its employees in enterprises large and small, guests at hotels, people hanging out in the city—we’re all addicted to our Wi-Fi. Everybody relies on service providers today for their mobile services. Whether you’re working remote in a hotel room, studying in the student dorm, shopping in the city or camping—the one common denominator that everybody wants is reliable Wi-Fi. Because service providers know that the customer can choose who they want to use, it’s important that service providers deliver high performance, always-on wireless services.


Wifirst is an international Internet Service Provider with headquarters in Paris, France that specializes in the deployment and operation of high density managed Wi-Fi networks. Wifirst ist einer der einzigen Wi-Fi-Betreiber mit dedizierten Lösungen für Studentenwohnheime, Hotels, Militärstützpunkte und Campingplätze mit einem eigenen Kernnetzwerk. The challenge that Wifirst was facing was finding a product that could deliver non-interrupted service that was scalable.

“Quality is key in making sure the Wi-Fi works anytime—anywhere. We needed to find a vendor that could provide us with robust, reliable and top quality access points,” states Arnaud Puy, chief operating officer at Wifirst.

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